With 360 high-quality photographs, the sales increased by 30%. We are glad that we began to use them...
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  • Novelty in the Czech Republic
  • They are responsive
  • They work on all devices
  • Easy for smartphones
  • You’ll get fewer returns
  • Customer can "touch" the product
  • Differentiation from competitors
  • Many uses
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Would you like to start co-operation with a photographic studio, which has the largest and most widespread customer portfolio in the Czech Republic? Whose hands were sorting products ranging from pens to clothing, electric appliances, school supplies, toys up to mountain bikes and a thousand-pound fireplace insert. Despite the client’s initial hesitation of the unknown, they now co-operate with a large number of Czech producers and companies. If you wish, they assist you with moving the presentation of products to a completely different level. Any additional information and samples you will find HERE.

If the top lines enticed you at least a little, how about trying a test shoot for free? If you’re not sure what it means, continue reading.

  • Everything starts with contacting Lukáš either by phone on 777300277 or email (lukas.vlcek@arcg.cz)
  • After the presentation of your ideas and products that you would like to “spin”, you’ll arrange a term
  • When you have the photographing date, then you hand-over the products either by mail or personally
  • During the entire period from the receipt of the “package” the company is in touch with you and you know about everything that happens during the photoshoot
  • After being photographed the product will then be personally delivered to you and they will present the entire output
  • They’ll give you a completely photographed output and of course the product that you sent/brought
  • If you are satisfied with the result, access and the price, you have the door open for future collaboration.

P.S.: It’s not absolutely free because you have to pay the damn postage to their company =)

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